Broker Support Global Enhancing Financial Advisory Services with Xplan Software

By: Aayushi Shah

In the fast-paced world of financial advisory services, using advanced tools is key to delivering excellent client results. At Broker Support Global (BSG), our adoption of Xplan software plays a crucial role in improving our services, simplifying processes, and ensuring our clients are satisfied.

What is Xplan Software?

Xplan is specialized software for financial planning and wealth management advisors. It’s a comprehensive platform that helps manage client relationships, create Statements of Advice (SoA), model financial scenarios, and ensure compliance with regulations.

How BSG Uses Xplan

At BSG, Xplan transforms how we deliver financial advisory services in numerous ways:

  • Streamlined Client Management: Xplan acts as our central hub for managing client relationships efficiently. It gathers all financial information securely in one place—from assets and debts to insurance and investments. This gives our advisors accurate, up-to-date data, which helps build trust with clients through personalized financial guidance.
  • Automated SoA Generation: BSG uses Xplan’s automation to speed up the creation of Statements of Advice. This feature replaces manual report preparation, allowing advisors to produce precise, compliant documents quickly. This efficiency enhances how we serve our clients.
  • Comprehensive Financial Modelling: Xplan enables BSG paraplanners to create detailed financial models tailored to each client’s needs. Whether planning for retirement, devising investment strategies, or managing risks, Xplan provides insights and recommendations that empower clients to make informed decisions about their finances.
  • Risk Assessment and Wealth Optimization: BSG uses tools like Risk Researcher to assess risks and suggest insurance options that match clients’ goals. Xplan’s Wealth Solver and Xtools+ modules help optimize retirement savings by minimizing costs and forecasting future cash flows accurately. This gives clients clear financial insights for planning short-term needs and long-term goals confidently.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Xplan supports BSG in adhering to regulatory standards and managing risks effectively. It conducts compliance checks and risk assessments to ensure all financial plans meet legal requirements, enhancing client trust and security.
  • Ongoing Training and Support: BSG invests in continuous training for its team on Xplan’s latest features. This ensures our paraplanners can use the software effectively, offering innovative solutions and personalized advice that meet clients’ changing needs.

Advantages of Implementing Xplan at BSG

By utilizing Xplan, BSG provides several benefits to its clients:

  • Time Efficiency: Automation and workflow optimization allow advisors to focus more on personalized client interactions and strategic advisory services.
  • Improved Precision: Data consolidation and automated compliance checks reduce errors, ensuring accurate financial planning outcomes that comply with regulations.
  • Custom Advice and Understanding: Xplan’s personalized recommendations and custom financial strategies enable clients to make informed decisions aligned with their goals, fostering financial well-being.


Xplan software plays a crucial role in BSG’s capacity to provide top-notch financial advisory services. Incorporating Xplan into our processes showcases how technology elevates conventional advisory methods, nurturing better client connections and sustainable business expansion. Collaborate with us to develop a tailored financial strategy using Xplan, and reach your financial objectives with ease and assurance.

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