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Brokers Support and Loan processing services involves sending below task to your dedicated staff in Brokers Support Global (BSG) office.

An outsourced Loans processor or Broker’s support staff will carry out all the repetitive, admin-related tasks associated with processing a loan from packaging to settlement and even post-settlement. This will allow your local core team to focus on more revenue generating task such as building client relationships and generating more leads.

Support Staff in BSG office can complete an array of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Set-up of loan application and data entry in CRM
  • Collect, verify and follow-up supporting documents
  • Prepare loan serviceability calculators
  • Order property valuations
  • Prepare and follow up discharge forms
  • Prepare compliance documents
  • Finalize complete loan file and lodge with lender
  • Track loan through to settlement
  • Regular follow-up with valuers, lenders and mortgage solicitors with status update reports
  • Notification of loan approval
  • Complete settlement checklist
  • Post settlement activities
  • Valuations, pricing and serviceability
  • Database management
  • General administration support
  • Customer care
  • Client retention activities.

BSG Paraplanning is the one-stop solution for all financial advisers across Australia who want to present powerful reports to their clients. At BSG Paraplanning, we not only work as a paraplanner, but we help the advisers to formulate the SMART goals, objectives, and strategies so that advisers can invest their precious time to grow their business.

At BSG Paraplanning, we do not limit our services to just writing the Statement and Record of Advice documents but we do provide pre and post-SoA services as well. Choosing our services, ensure you can save approximately 70% to 80% on your costs.

To benefit from our Associate Adviser Services, you need to provide us only client meeting file notes in detail. We will do everything else for you. While we work on your client file, we check in with you regularly to make sure we’re on the right track.

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A Division of Navkar Consultancy Services Pty Ltd

Brokers Support Global (BSG)

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Brokers Support Global (BSG) is a wholly owned division of Navkar Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (NCS Corp).

BSG, as outsourced services provide and deliver a wide range of Paraplanning Services, Mortgage Loan Processing, STRATA Management Assistant and Insurance Broker Services.

BCS is an initiative of Navkar Institute, a leading educational institute for Chartered Accountants and CPAs. It enjoys high repute due to its network of 40,000+ students and 5000+ Chartered Accountants/CPAs. It has 100,000+ square feet infrastructure embedded with all amenities in the heart of Ahmedabad city which is considered as one of the upcoming financial hub of India. We have our offices in across India and Australia.

We at BSG firmly believe that the benefit of outsourcing cannot be restricted merely to cost savings. Savings is something we are able to deliver out of locational advantage. That is when we thought that our value to each of our customers should go far beyond cost savings that would compel them to outsource their back-office processes to us, irrespective of the cost advantage.

Our Services

A range of robust services is extended under two umbrella processing operations within BSG!

Insurance Broker Support Services

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Strata Management Assistant Services

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Para Planning Services

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Mortgage & Loan Processing Services

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